Sloop Drops the Hospitality Bomb!

Hospitality Relief

“All Businesses are Essential.” As small businesses in upstate New York, we’re all tied together. Not only are we partners, but also neighbors, friends, and family. As the restaurant landscape has changed dramatically due to COVID-19, we’ve heard many stories from our friends in the industry about how life has changed. Both Sloop Brewing and Tri-Valley Beverage are open for business, and we’re working together to lend a hand to the industry we’re proud to be a part of.

To that end, we’re ecstatic to announce Project: Hospitality Relief Bomb, an opportunity to support New York’s hospitality and restaurant industry!  Half barrels of Forever Rotating IPA are now in our warehouse, and proceeds from their sale will be donated to the Golden Rule Charity COVID-19 Relief Fund, which supports those in the hospitality industry facing hardship during this unprecedented crisis.

Thank you to both Sloop Brewing and Golden Rule for their cooperation as we all move onwards and upwards! Golden Rule is currently accepting both grant applications and donations through their website, which you can find here