Bold Rock Comes to New York!

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Tri-Valley Marketing

Tri-Valley is proud to welcome Bold Rock to the portfolio!

Bold Rock offers a diversified line of award-winning craft beverage products including Hard Ciders, Teas and Lemonades crafted from fresh, locally-sourced apples in Virginia and North Carolina. The story of Bold Rock Hard Cider starts with an unlikely partnership between two guys from different sides of the world. These two salt-of-the-earth characters – one southern gentleman, the other an affable bloke – founded Bold Rock in June of 2012 and since that time it has become the nation’s largest independently-owned cider company.

The apples for Bold Rock's hard ciders are grown by family farmers around the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia and North Carolina. Bold Rock cider is naturally gluten-free, because they exclusively make Bold Rock on their own equipment, ruling out possible cross-contamination. So, if you eat gluten-free, their ciders can be your beverage of choice.

Bold Rock Hard Tea and Hard Lemonade are crafted with real ingredients like tea, a twist of lemon, and all are naturally sweetened to ensure every sip has the perfect sweet tea or lemonade taste.