Craft Beer

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Galesburg, MI

Bell's Brewery, Inc. formerly Kalamazoo Brewing Company, founded by Larry Bell as a home-brewing supply shop in 1983, sold its first beer in 1985. Originally brewing in a 15-gallon soup kettle, the company has grown remarkably from its production of 135 barrels (1 bbl = 31 gal.) in 1986 to over 90,000 barrels in 2007. Bell's Brewery has grown from a tiny operation renting part of a former plumbing supply warehouse to a bustling, regional craft brewery. Over twenty years of brewing, Bell's Brewery has built a nationwide reputation as a creative and talented brewery, playing a significant role in changing the beerscape of the nation. Although the "microbrewery" revolution began on the west coast in the 1970s, the Midwest saw this brewing development much later. Bell's Brewery stands as the oldest craft-brewer east of Boulder, Colorado. Originally self-distributed, Larry and crew brewed, bottled and delivered all of the beer to market for the company's first four years. By 1989, Bell's was shipping over 500 barrels annually and assigned its first wholesaler to further establish itself across the state of Michigan. After struggling several years to produce and sell robust, full-bodied ales against a tide of a mass-market domestic beer, Bell's began to see the demand for craft beer grow dramatically. Bell's soon ventured outside Michigan, continuing its solid growth and developing a reputation across the Midwest for the unique style and flavor of its Bell's brands. The brewery currently sells its beer in 18 states in addition to Washington DC and Puerto Rico. In 2003, Bell's proudly opened a new production brewery in nearby Comstock, Michigan. The new brewery has now seen three major additions and encompasses 60,000 square feet of building on a 24 acre site The Quality Assurance department has thrived in the new facilities, implementing procedures and techniques that assure that Bell's is consistently putting out the very best beer possible. Total brewing capacity now stands at 140,000 bbls. At the Kalamazoo Avenue location, an historical rehabilitation has brought about a pleasant architectural change to the city landscape. Our ongoing goal is to brew thoughtfully, creatively and artistically. We strive to bring an authentic and pleasant experience to all of our customers through our unique ales and beers. We look forward to sharing our beers with you.